Snipping Tool in Windows 7

HI All,

Today  I am going to tell about the snipping tool, which will be very useful for taking snapshot of of your screen in Microsoft Windows 7


Where it is ?

→ All Programs → Accssories → Snipping Tool


Do i want to install it ?

No, It comes by default tool along with Windows 7.

How to use it?

Following are the steps to use the Snipping Tool


 Windows-Vista-Start-Button→ All Programs → Accssories → Snipping Tool


  1. Double click "Snipping Tool"
  2. Just drag the area in your screen which you want to take snap.
  3. That's it image is in your clipboard, you can either save or directly paste it in the doc.
  4. Example:



  1. No need to go the paint to crop/cut the image
  2. Picture can be directly pasted to your mail.
  3. With the help of Highlighter or pen you can highlight required line.


  • No special shapes like square or oval similar to paint

 Note: All these images are taken using Snipping Tool. 🙂


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