Skeleton Lake

 Skeleton Lake:

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I am Tina, I am going to handle "Mysteries in  India" Category of this site. As you people know this site is maintained by group of peoples. I am proud to be one of them.

Skeleton lake is a shallow lake, famous for skeletons of more than 500 peoples at the edge of the lake.

Where it is ?


Skeleton Lake is nothing but a lake in Uttarakhand state of India and its name is Roopkund. It is in Himalaya at an attitude of 16499 feet.

This lake came to lime light by 1942, by a ranger H K Madhwal. Initially it is beloved that the bones of 19th century, but in 1960 by carbon dating it is found that it belongs to 12th to 15th Century.

The scientist who examined those skeletons came to conclusion that the people died not because of disease but could be because of sudden hailstorm.  

Still the proper reason for the death is not identified.

Mysteries will continue ....... Tina

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