Data Privacy Day

Data-PrivacyHi All,

Yes today is Data Privacy Day. From the name it is very clear that it is an awareness day.

Now this blog is for you all.

First tell me one thing, is your personal data are secured?

I will say, No. That too with the modern gadget, Hackers can get your present location.

Ok How you can protect yourself from Data piracy.

Simply add letter "R" between "P" & "I", 🙂

Following are the basic steps to prevent DATA Piracy


A - Install Anti-virus or Internet security to secure your computer.

B - Backup your data. So that if you detect spoofing you can delete all the data and restore from backup

C - Cryptography choose unique and secure password.

D - Don't open mail from unknown people

E - Encryption of you hard disk

All the above fit mostly for your computer, but nowadays most of the money transaction happens via mobile , so few points to secure your data like credit card detail and your friends phone number just following things.

1. Don't install application that is asking access permission to your personal data.

2. Try to use different email to configure your mobile device.

3. Don't install the Application that take your data backup on their server.

Ok, I know that it is very difficult to follow all the above, but if we try the above one by one we can secure the data (Personal data).

Last but not least which helps all of you to give you basic data security.

Keep your password size between 12 to 16 characters.

Don't use same password for banking and personal email.

Encrypt all your hard disk.

Hope this help you to secure all your data from hackers.


Ramukumar M


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