What happen to our vedic maths?

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How to calculate the value of π?

Answer from Wikipedia : - The number π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159. (22/7).

Ok, let me come to topic, why they have taken this value 22/7 for calculating the value of pi. (π). Below is the real incident happened in village in Tamilnadu (INDIA).

One Day, one maths teacher is explaining how to calculate the circumference.

Teacher: To calculate the circumference of a circle use the formula 2πr, where r is the radius of the circle and π is the constant.

In that class room, one small boy suddenly asked a question to the teacher

Student : how they have calculated the value of  π?

Teacher : it is a constant.

But the student again asked how? Teacher was trying to convince the boy by saying there is very big algorithm to find it. (even if you ask our friend google he will also give the same big algorithm )

But the boy was not convinced they started to argue but at the end the boy was sent out of the lass for 2 days.

Once he acknowledged that he will not ask such questions then only he was allowed to enter the class.

one fine day the boy was helping his grandfather to buy some wood for the bullock cart. His Grandfather is a famous wheelwright (in Tamil தச்சர்) in his village.

His grandfather was not even went to school. but when he was helping is grandfather, in the wheel measurement sheet, he saw something like for 5 ft wheel, 15.9 ft iron plate is required and another measurement is for 7 ft wheel 22ft iron plate is required.

The boy asked his grandfather how he calculated this, for that his grandfather took him to a old storage room and explained him the following

He took a 7 ft wheel (that is 7ft diameter wheel) and he placed it on the floor and marked one edge.

He started to move the wheel till the mark comes again and he made another mark,

Now he asked the boy to measure the length. it was 22 ft. so that is how his grandfather said it all comes out of experience.

Moral: Vedic maths is still alive with our grandparents, try to learn from them and give life to it. (This includes me )


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